ProtexFlyer Rechargeable Heated Insoles with Remote


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ProtexFlyer Rechargeable Heated Insoles redefine winter comfort with their rapid and long-lasting warmth, customizable settings, and premium materials.

Versatile and robust, they are perfect for outdoor activities, and the unisex design allows easy customization.

The wireless remote and 1-year warranty add extra value, making ProtexFlyer the ultimate winter companion.

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Introducing ProtexFlyer Rechargeable Heated Insoles – the ultimate solution to keep your feet warm and comfortable in any winter adventure. Designed for men and women engaged in outdoor activities like hunting, fishing, hiking, camping, or simply enduring the chill during everyday tasks, these heated insoles redefine warmth and convenience.

Rapid Heating and Extended Warmth:

Crafted with the latest carbon fiber heating material, these insoles boast rapid heating capabilities, reaching your desired warmth in mere seconds. Powered by a rechargeable 3500mAh battery, they provide a consistent and toasty temperature for up to 16 hours. Ideal for optimizing blood circulation in your feet, the low-temperature resistant batteries ensure reliable warmth even in the coldest conditions.

Customizable Heat Settings:

Take control with the wireless remote and choose from three temperature settings, ranging between 104°F to a toasty 140°F. Whether you’re facing extreme cold or just need a subtle warmth, the insoles cater to your preferences. High heat mode for approximately 8 hours, medium for around 12 hours, and low for an impressive 16 hours, adapting to various environmental conditions.

Premium Materials for Lasting Comfort:

Constructed from high-performance EVA material with enhanced elasticity, these heated insoles provide durability and support. The velvet upper layer ensures maximum comfort, trapping heat efficiently for an extended duration. The built-in steel shell protects the battery and circuit, making each insole capable of bearing at least 661lb – an invaluable asset for rugged outdoor activities.

Versatile Application:

From household chores to outdoor excursions like hunting, skiing, fishing, hiking, snowboarding, motorcycle riding, and more, ProtexFlyer Heated Insoles are your reliable winter companion. Delight your parents and friends with the perfect warm gift on Christmas, Thanksgiving, or New Year.

Trim To Fit Size:

With a unisex design suitable for sizes 41 to 46, these heated insoles can be easily trimmed to fit your specific shoe size. Refer to the size guide for precise customization, ensuring a snug and comfortable fit. Plus, enjoy peace of mind with our 1-year worry-free warranty. Experience the joy of winter with ProtexFlyer Rechargeable Heated Insoles!

ProtexFlyer Rechargeable Heated Insoles stand as the epitome of winter comfort and convenience. With rapid heating, extended warmth, customizable settings, and premium materials, these insoles elevate your outdoor experience. The versatility to trim to fit, coupled with a robust design, makes them ideal for various activities.

Add to this a wireless remote and a generous 1-year warranty, and you have an unparalleled solution for enduring winter’s chill. Don’t just brave the cold; embrace it with ProtexFlyer.

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3500 mAh rechargeable


104°F – 140°F


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