Ozero Touchscreen Thermal Gloves

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Ozero touchscreen thermal gloves feature special pads on your thumb and fingers allowing the use of cell phones while wearing gloves. Special silica gel particles applied to gloves will ensure your phone doesn’t just slide off your hand.

Warm, comfortable and functional, these thermal touchscreen gloves are the perfect accessory for cold weather.

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OZERO touchscreen thermal gloves are made from windproof polyester, insulate cotton, and waterproof TPU. This combination of materials makes them warm and comfortable, but also durable and wind and water resistant.

Fingertips on these thermal gloves feature special pads allowing the use of touchscreens on all smartphones, tablets and other similar devices. You will not have to take your gloves off to operate a cell phone in cold weather.

These touch screen gloves also have silica gel particles on your palm, index finger and middle finger. This gel prevents your mobile phone or other objects from sliding off your gloves.

Combination of these materials makes operating a phone in cold weather very convenient and safe. No matter how numb your hands are you can feel safe about taking your phone out, and your can text and tap easily.

OZERO touchscreen thermal gloves come in both men and women variations. They are inexpensive, comfortable and elegant, and a great purchase for multiple cold seasons.

12 reviews for Ozero Touchscreen Thermal Gloves

  1. Emgee10

    I was in search of running gloves for my half marathon in Iceland. Having run another half in Korea’s winter, I knew I had to find the right gloves to be comfortable during the race. Well, this pair did it! I never had to take them off, they kept my hands at the right temperature in the cold weather, even though my body was heated from being active. My hands never felt sweaty or had any problems. I also use them for hikes and the water repellent feature came in handy, as it will rain randomly. They worked great for my needs. Tip: Do measure your hands for proper fitting.

  2. Customer

    These are pretty nice gloves and they fit pretty well. I think they could be warmer but they’re great for chilly days. My touch screen phone is very usable with them on.

  3. A-Aron

    Good wind protection overall but not for below freezing temps. The sizing on these gloves is spot-on. No seams, perfect fit, in fact the best fitting gloves I’ve ever worn.

  4. CurlyDee

    I work in Alaska, so mostly under the rain. The gloves do keep my hands dry however, not warm at all and I have to take the glove off every time I need to write something down. I would give five starts if they would keep my hands warm definitely. They fit perfectly.

  5. Laura

    Good but not great. At 5 °c degrees, riding my bike my hands didnt’t freeze but didn’t keep warm. May be the glove’s fingers are a bit short or my fingers are a bit long.

  6. Kristi Fahlsing

    I purchased the Running Gloves by OZERO because I wanted something much thicker than the thin gloves that have started being touch screen that really do not keep your hands warm. These gloves are much thicker and are windproof, water resistant, and actually keep your hands warm. PLUS they are also touch screen on the pointer finger and thumb on either hand. They are also a very reasonable price. 🙂

  7. Vitaly Cheresh

    I cant understand are they fit well on my hands or not, its a bit of space at the end of the finger, but really tight at the wrist side. The gloves by themselves very nice and the fabric and the way its made, the only cunfusion about size

  8. Jada

    Great and kept my hands warm in 40 degree weather and amazingly their not thick & bulky (kind of stylish actually). The touch grip is a major bonus. Used the measuring chart from seller and fit was perfect.

  9. Hanna

    They are very thin but surprisingly keep my hands pretty warm (warm enough). They are waterproof to the point though. My hands stayed dry when making snow balls or a snow man, and snow doesn’t stick to them which is great, but when I dipped them in a snow several times, when playing with my 8y/o, they got pretty wet. I don’t think the top part of this glove is waterproof. Overall they are great and I would buy again, but a smaller size.

  10. Donna B

    I had no idea what size glove I’d wear so measured as it explained to do and these fit perfectly. For sizing, if you don’t have a sewing type measuring tape, use a piece of string or ribbon to measure around your palm, then measure the string with a ruler or carpenter’s type tape measure. I like that these are not bulky and you can function without the need to pull them off.

  11. Jaclyn

    I bought these gloves to help protect my hands when I go outside during the winter. They are nice for pretty much any weather and protect my hands very well. The fingers are a little too long for my hands, but otherwise they fit perfectly! The reason I gave these 4 stars is because sometimes the touchscreen sensor areas don’t work very well (especially when it’s really cold), so I have to take them off to use my phone. It’s pretty rare, but it is an annoyance. Otherwise they are great and I’m considering getting a pair for my husband for Christmas.

  12. Customer

    I work outdoors and do a lot of driving. Ozero touch gloves have not disappointed. I was looking for something that could withstand driving and working with my hands. They do fabulous. The fit is great, just a little long at the end of a couple fingers, but that is to be expected as they were not meant to be tailored to individuals. They do well with touch screen phones. They have kept my hands warm in 20° windy weather and have not hindered working locks and sorting.

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