HiCool Winter Smartphone Thermal Gloves

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HiCool thermal gloves are made of high-quality mill wool lycra fabric, fabulously comfortable but also very warm.

Thermal gloves are the most important accessory for every cold season, and this quality product will keep your hands warm while allowing the use of touch screens on any smartphone or device.

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Hands are one of the most important body parts to keep warm in cold weather. Whether it’s wind or freezing temperatures, having warm hands is crucial to doing any sort of work but also for keeping the rest of your body warm.

Cycling, walking, hiking, sports, or even driving can be made easier to bear with a pair of quality gloves. Winter thermal gloves by HiCool are elegant and warm and can be used for any number of activities.

HiCool thermal smartphone gloves are made of high-quality mill wool lycra fabric, fabulously comfortable but also very warm. Elastic wrist cuffs ensure they are easy to put on or take off, and prevent any heat from getting out or cold from getting in.

HiCool winter thermal gloves are made for modern consumers. Thumb and index finger have special material which enables you to easily use a touch screen on your smartphone or tablet without having to take the gloves off. It’s very convenient and works amazingly well, and if you ever had to use a phone during cold weather you know how important this feature is.

Palms on these thermal gloves also feature anti-skid glue material which increases friction and abrasion resistance, ensuring your cell phone won’t just slide off your hand.

Quality gloves are the number one accessory to purchase for every winter, and HiCool’s winter smartphone thermal gloves are a quality product that will last multiple seasons. This warm, comfortable and elegant product will keep your hands warm while allowing the use of touch screens.

10 reviews for HiCool Winter Smartphone Thermal Gloves

  1. Pianokobe

    I have bought this gloves in size of large for men, and it fits my hands perfectly comfortable but doesn’t feel it’s too tight. I have tested the two screen touches of both hands, and they are smoothly response as just like fingers doing. This is especially good for me driving a bike in the winter weather while I need to touch the phone’s screen.

  2. Flat Earth Panda

    These are thinner than expected. Touch screens do work with these gloves. They are not waterproof, but seem to be water resistant to a degree. Not what I would consider warm, but I wear them at work outside and so far they have really helped. I don’t know how thermal they are but they do help.

  3. cliff

    I use these gloves when shooting hockey games, the camera gets pretty cold and these keep my hands warm. Also with these gloves I can use all the dials and buttons on my gear. Have a super grip on the palms which is super. I am very happy with these gloves.

  4. Customer

    Nice I like them and yes you can control your Kindle with those touch pad things on the finger tips.

  5. Matt Kraus

    Nice fit, much warmer than expected. They aren’t the best gloves in the world but I was pleasantly surprised by both the quality and the fact that the fingers do actually work great on a touch screen. Great buy.

  6. Alex Ferraco

    Pretty decent gloves for the price. I’ve had them all winter and they seem to be stretching out ever so slightly. Also the smart touch parts smell very metallic. The one issue I have is that the grippy material on the palm does not extend to the other fingers. Would be so much better with a full grip.

  7. Dave Sommers

    These gloves are really top notch. I really love how well made they are. They are thick and made of high quality fabric. They are very warm and the grip is amazing. I love that i can text and use my phone without leaving the warmth of my gloves. I work in an ice cold office and these do not come off my hands all day. I love them

  8. Rick Solis

    Bought so I could answer and use my phone worked good for 2 weeks then the dam thing stopped working.

  9. Customer

    I was expecting them to keep my hands warmer than they do. They work great otherwise.

  10. Smartbuyer4

    I purchased this for my finicky low maintenance teenager who likes to wear shorts in winter. He actually uses them on a daily basis and more so in the cold, when it rains or snows. It’s on the thin side so it does not protect that great against the cold, but for him it works precisely because he does not feel they limit his movements and he does not have to take off his gloves to pick up a call or do what teenagers do most – text.

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