Mrawarm Electric Heated Socks


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MRAWARM Electric Heated Socks, powered by efficient 3xAA batteries, offer up to 5 hours of continuous warmth for outdoor enthusiasts engaged in winter activities.

With a user-friendly design, insulated heating elements, and versatile use, these socks provide reliable comfort.

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MRAWARM Electric Heated Socks are a game-changer for those who crave warmth and comfort during the chilly winter months. These battery-heated socks are tailored for outdoor enthusiasts engaging in activities like camping, fishing, cycling, skiing, hunting, and hiking.

Efficient Heating Technology

Equipped with 2 battery boxes, these heated socks are powered by 3xAA batteries each (not included), providing up to 5 hours of continuous warmth. The easily removable batteries ensure that you don’t have to deal with any extra weight, enhancing the overall comfort.

Using these heated socks is a breeze. Simply insert the AA batteries into the battery box, ensuring correct placement, and press the ON/OFF button. This user-friendly design is particularly convenient for elderly individuals.

The heating elements are made of insulated material, ensuring safety without compromising on warmth. The comfortable heating temperature keeps your feet cozy, preventing the discomfort of cold and stiff feet in winter. Heating wires are located underneath the entire foot area.

Soft and Breathable Materials

Made from premium polyester mix fiber, these socks are not only soft but also breathable and elastic. Say goodbye to itchy materials and bulky batteries, and welcome the joy of keeping your feet warm and cozy.

Versatile Outdoor Companion

Whether you’re into fishing, camping, snowboarding, hunting, hiking, skiing, or outdoor work, these electric heating socks are a winter essential. Consider gifting them to your parents, friends, and family to spread the warmth.


  • One size fits most (9-14 inches), suitable for both men and women.
  • Package includes 1 pair of socks, 2 battery boxes, 1 package box, and 1 user manual.
  • Available in gray and black colors.
  • Powered by 3 AA batteries (not included), providing up to 5 hours of heating.
  • Comfortable and soft fabric enhances the overall experience.

Biggest downsides to these socks are the use of disposable AA batteries. We highly recommend purchasing rechargeable AA batteries to save costs in the long run. Additionally, another downside is the one-size-fits-most design, which might not be suitable for individuals outside the US shoe size range of 9-14.

MRAWARM Electric Heated Socks are a reliable and convenient solution for keeping your feet warm in various outdoor activities. Just be mindful of the battery choices and size limitations to ensure an optimal experience.


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