Sticro Rechargeable Electric Socks With Remote Control


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Sticro Rechargeable Electric Socks With Remote Control offer a great value for the price. These socks come with rechargeable 3.7v batteries and four heating levels.

Convenient remote control allows you to change heating and turn socks on or off at will. Heating area on toes and instep will keep your feet warm for up to 9 hours.

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Sticro Rechargeable Electric Socks are made of high quality cotton. The socks are breathable, durable and comfortable. These electric socks come in black and gray colors and three different sizes.

Heating area on Sticro electric socks are on instep and upper toes area. This already makes them better than many other electric socks available, as many only heat on one of those areas.

Sticro heated socks have four different power levels: 100%, 80%, 60% and 40%. These different power levels will provide 110°F to 140°F of temperature.

Sticro socks come with powerful 3000mAh 3.7v rechargeable batteries (not purchasable separately). These batteries will last anywhere from 3.5 hours on highest temperature setting, and up to 9 hours on lowest temperature setting.

You can conveniently control the temperature with the provided remote control. This remote control enables you to change temperature levels and turn socks on and off easily. Keep in mind you must carry the remote control with you at all times. A safety feature will turn socks off unless a connection with the remote control is present.

Overall Sticro Rechargeable Electric Socks with Remote Control are very affordable for what they offer. Four heating levels, powerful rechargeable batteries, and a convenient remote control make this one of the best price-to-quality electric socks on the market.



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