SNOW DEER 7.4V Replacement Batteries & Charger


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SNOW DEER 7.4V batteries are rechargeable and have a capacity of 2200mAh. They will keep SNOW DEER electric socks heated up to 6 hours, and longer on other SNOW DEER products.

These replacement batteries are compatible with all SNOW DEER electric heated products.

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SNOW DEER is one of the most reliable manufacturers of electric heated products on the market. They carry heated socks, gloves and other apparel to keep your extremities from going cold.

SNOW DEER offers replacement batteries and battery chargers for customers who want additional hours of heating. SNOW DEER heated electric socks for example last up to 6 hours with one set of batteries. For an entire day outside this will not be enough, and replacement batteries can come in handy.

SNOW DEER 7.4V batteries have a capacity of 2200mAh. They are rechargeable, and charging them fully takes around 4 hours.

Additional purchase options include a replacement battery charger, and an USB cable.


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