Volt Electric Heated Neck Therapy Wrap


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Volt electric heated neck therapy wrap is designed to provide hours of localized warmth and comfort to your injured neck. This therapeutic neck heater wrap is excellent for improved recovery after injuries or surgery, or simple pain relief during long office hours.

Rechargeable lightweight batteries ensure you can use Volt’s heated neck warmer on the go for hours of therapy. Adjustable heating and fit ensures faster recovery time and improved pain relief and recovery.

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Volt electric heated neck therapy wrap is immensely effective for neck pain relief. This heated neck therapy warmer can alleviate pain, improve circulation, and relax your muscles after surgery or injuries.

Volt electric therapy warmer has 4 temperature levels for optimal thermal comfort. Product includes a rechargeable 7V li-ion battery with 2200mAh capacity. Battery will provide 2-8 hours of soothing heat depending on heating levels used.

This electric neck warmer features a small and adjustable battery pouch which can be placed anywhere on this heat therapy neck warmer.

Flexible stretch neoprene shell with fleece lining make Volt’s heated neck warmer very comfortable. Hook and loop fasteners and contoured design ensure a perfect fit customizable for your neck and shoulders.

Volt electric heated neck therapy wrap will provide hours of soothing heat. It has multiple therapeutic benefits and will help your neck heal faster.


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