Hujikf Heated Insoles (USB, Rechargeable)


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HUJIKF USB Rechargeable Heated Insoles feature advanced heating technology with an EVA stretch material, providing a soft and lightweight feel.

The DIY Adjustable feature allows easy customization by cutting the insoles to your desired size. These insoles are cleanable and reusable, thanks to the waterproof material.

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HUJIKF Heated Insoles are an inexpensive solution to cold feet during winter. These USB Rechargeable Heated Insoles are crafted with cutting-edge heating technology, utilizing EVA stretch material for a soft and lightweight feel. The USB cable provides a convenient and eco-friendly power source, delivering an even heat distribution across a large area with temperatures reaching up to 108 ℉.

What sets these heated insoles apart is their DIY Adjustable feature. The insoles can be easily cut to fit your desired size, and the shoe size range, along with marked lines, simplifies the customization process. Suitable for both men and women, accommodating sizes 8-10.5 in the US, these electric insoles ensure a snug and personalized fit for everyone.

Designed for practicality, the insoles are cleanable and reusable. The waterproof material allows for easy cleaning with a brush (not machine washable), ensuring longevity and maintaining hygiene. However, it’s crucial to let them thoroughly dry before use.

The biggest downsides to these insoles is that they do not come with batteries. Instead, you need to plug them into a power source or to a mobile power bank. Both insoles need to be connected to the same source, meaning walking in these heated insoles is a challenge. They’re best used at home while relaxing for some extra heat for your feet.

The package includes the electric heated insoles, a Velcro tape bag, and a USB charging cable for your convenience.

To top it off, HUJIKF provides excellent customer service, with a commitment to addressing any queries or concerns within 24 hours. If you’re tired of cold feet at home, these heated insoles are your go-to solution, making them an ideal Christmas gift for yourself or your loved ones.


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